Community banks generate a lot of data across systems

Together, we’ll ensure that data can create key insights to grow your bottom line.

From transactions, to fraud, to lending, and everything in between, you have an incredible amount of longitudinal customer data at hand. But leveraging that data to drive additional revenue opportunities, and making the systems that manage it work together, can be difficult. Today, that changes. At Neocova, we offer a full suite of comprehensive, secure, and quick-to-integrate data solutions to better capture business insights, drive optimal business outcomes, and realize higher revenue potential.
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Thinking differently to redefine banking

We build leading, first-of-their-kind data solutions for our banking partners.

The Neocova team is composed of seasoned bankers, regulators, cybersecurity specialists, and data scientists — and the largest firms in the modern banking community stand behind us. We understand what banks need, and we are actively improving and empowering banking partners to operate smarter, more efficiently mine data, and stand apart in a crowded landscape. The ultimate goal? To help financial institutions grow the relationship, impact, and opportunity for each and every customer. 


Create a consumable and accessible single, secure source of data truth. Unlock new ways to go deeper and grow your customer. Build a growth strategy to increase competitive positioning, accelerate achieving digital transformation goals, and grow your bottom line. With Neocova, You Can.

Fineuron - The Platform

Fineuron is a fully secure, cloud-native and open API enterprise technology platform — designed to support modern banking requirements — that can run in parallel to a financial institution’s main core. With Fineuron, your institution can achieve better data governance, hygiene and accessibility by securely unifying data from multiple disparate sources into an easily consumable and accessible platform.
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Spotlight AI - Insights

Spotlight AI is a best-in-class analytics tool that allows financial institutions to unlock the value of their data through intuitive and actionable data visualizations, reports and models that anticipate actions based on customer behaviors. With Spotlight AI, executives gain a clear and real-time picture of the performance of their institution with easily digestible dashboards and analytics.
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