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How to balance a hybrid workforce of office and remote staff

Community banks and credit unions don’t exactly call to mind a picture of fintech innovations or virtual teamwork.

But one St. Louis-based startup is bringing cutting edge tools to Main Street banks and using a hybrid workforce of in-office and remote staff to do it.

Neocova is an early-stage fintech that is focused on providing the core banking technology that small, local financial institutions rely on to do business every day.

As cofounder and chief of staff for the company, Lindsay Lockhart is tasked with making sure her team works successfully across a pair of offices in St. Louis and New York, as well as with remote employees.

Lockhart shared her best advice for how managers can effectively balance the in-office and distributed workforce that keeps business running smoothly.

“From day one, we’ve always operated from the mindset of having multiple teammates that are not all in a centralized location, so what is the best way for us to work together as a team?” Lockhart said.

“It’s a way of life for us,” she added. “We don’t know any different.”………


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