Spotlight AI

Spotlight AI

Spotlight AI is a best-in-class analytics tool that allows financial institutions to unlock the value of their data through intuitive and actionable data visualizations, reports and models that anticipate actions based on customer behaviors.  

With Spotlight AI, executives gain a clear and real-time picture of the performance of their institution with easily digestible dashboards and analytics. 

This includes out-of-the-box benchmark reports including 360-Degree Customer Views, Customer Profitability, Channel Profitability, Associate Profitability and Product Profitability. Spotlight AI also offers the ability to drill down into specific product and segment performance to investigate issues and improve your decision-making ability. 


  • Machine learning and predictive modeling for advanced insights
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Next best product recommendations
  • Customer lifetime value metrics
  • Attrition and retention metrics